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Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Andria and Jehanne, the co-founders of Collective Therapy. We’re occupational therapists and moms to five kids all under the age of six. Life is busy and often messy!





As occupational therapists and moms, we get it. Parenting is a tough job. It can feel messy and downright overwhelming at times. When you add in the complexities of raising a child with anxiety, ADHD, learning difficulties, or even picky eating habits, the weight of day-to-day life can feel like too much to bear. Our goal with Collective Therapy is to find a natural fit into your family’s busy life and provide the support and strategies to help make parenting feel more manageable and family life more fun. We’re excited you’re here to learn more!

Our Story

Our friendship began 10 years ago in our first class of grad school. We clicked immediately over our shared passion for working with children and families. Following grad school we both pursued work in paediatrics, Andria working as a mental health occupational therapist at BC Children’s hospital and Jehanne as an early intervention occupational therapist at the Child Development Centre in Penticton.

Our years of working with families and children lead us to ask the question:

How could we create a service for parents and kids that
was easy to access, personable, and made a difference?

For us, it was critical that the platform exist online so parents can access services from anywhere and on their schedule. We wanted therapy plans to be practical, simple, and fit naturally into the busy life of parenthood. Above all we wanted families to feel welcome, understood, and supported. We wanted them to feel at home.

And so we created Collective Therapy, an online based occupational therapy service combining parent KNOWLEDGE and kids SKILLS with a therapist’s GUIDANCE.

What is paediatric occupational therapy?

Assessment, guidance, and fostering participation of children’s developing skills in their daily and meaningful activities (their occupations)

As paediatric occupational therapists, we:
o Assess a child’s playing and learning skills
o Work with parents to help develop the skills their child needs to participate in daily activities
o Guide families in building their child’s independence and confidence in their skills

Areas of Expertise:

At Collective Therapy we specialize in childhood mental health.

o Self regulation
o Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
o Sensory Processing Issues
o Neurodevelopmental Disorders
o Anxiety and depression
o Learning difficulties
o Challenging behaviours
o Picky eating
o Fine Motor skills – Small hand movement skills related to drawing, printing, artwork, eating, brushing teeth and so much more
o Gross motor skills – Bigger whole body movement skills needed for running, jumping, sports and so much more

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