Our 3 Learning Paths:

Our online classes and one-to-one sessions are designed to give parents the edge they need to be on the winning side of this parenting journey. With some key knowledge and practical strategies you’ll feel like a more capable, confident, and happier parent. Which means more capable, confident, and happier kids!

1. Self-Paced Study

Description:​ Downloadable e-courses available any time and designed to be self-led.

Who it’s for:​ Self-motivated parents looking for instant access to resources with practical strategies they can begin to use right away.

Benefits: Budget-friendly and available at any time.

Schedule: These classes are available for purchase at any time and yours to keep once downloaded, which means you can work through the information on your own schedule.

Price: $65

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2. Interactive Classes

Description:​ Online classes with a small group of parents and led by a therapist.

Who it’s for:​ Parents who like to learn in a group setting with the support of a therapist guiding the process.

Benefits: The interactive piece of this class allows parents to ask questions and receive guidance from a therapist on how to make strategies work best for their family.

Schedule: Classes are 4-weeks in length and run four times a year (typically October, January, March, and May)

Price: $250

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3. One-on-One Sessions

Description:​ Private consultation with an occupational therapist or dietitian.

Who it’s for:​ Parents looking for individualized support and guidance from a therapist.

Benefits: Engage with a therapist directly to prioritize your needs and set up a plan that will work for your family.

Schedule: Appointment times are flexible and aim to work around your family’s schedule.

Price: Sessions are billed hourly or as a package and vary depending on the health professional.

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