Meet Erin


Erin MacGregor, B.Sc. RD

Registered Dietitian

I’m Erin. Part dietitian, part home economist, full-on food fanatic and proud momma to a budding foodie.

As an RD (meaning registered dietitian), I work at a large teaching hospital and do awesome things like SAVE LIVES! That is, if you believe good nutrition saves lives. I sure do. I’ve done nutrition counselling for people in hospital and and in the community for over 8 years, but I’m most passionate about helping parents transform their ‘picky’ eaters into happy eaters.

As a PHEc (meaning professional home economist), I use my food and nutrition know-how to help people with practical things, like cooking easy, family-friendly meals at home. I am the co-founder of How to Eat (, a nutrition communications start-up with the motto Healthful Eating Through Food, Not Numbers. We’re a practical and down-to-earth resource for all things food and nutrition, including hundreds of simple recipes.

My aim is to inspire families to relax about food. To stop fearing it and start cooking it again. To focus less on nutrition labels, and more on ingredients. To sit down and eat together.
This, is how we will achieve world peace.