Picky Eating 101 – Self Study

Raising a Happy Eater


Do you have a picky eater at home? Do you want to stop being a short-order cook? This class is for any parent looking for information and strategies on how to raise a happy, healthy eater and make family mealtimes enjoyable again.

This class will cover what it means to be a happy (competent) eater, how to help children enjoy eating and learn to like new foods, nutrition basics (so you feel confident you’re providing healthy foods for your family), and tips and strategies for everything from meal planning to meal times.

You’ll learn about the role our senses play in eating, what kids need to feel more confident about the food they eat, and practical strategies that will help family mealtimes feel more enjoyable for everyone.

Family mealtimes and teaching your kids about food doesn’t have to be a stressful battle every day. Learn what you need to know to start raising happy, healthy eaters.

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