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All of our classes were created with the busy “on-the-go” family in mind and the goal of helping kids maximize their potential and empowering parents.

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As occupational therapists and moms, we get it. Parenting is a tough job. It can feel messy and downright overwhelming at times. When you add in the complexities of raising a child with anxiety, ADHD, learning difficulties, or even picky eating habits, the weight of day-to-day life can feel like too much to bear. Our goal with Collective Therapy is to find a natural fit into your family’s busy life and provide the support and strategies to help make parenting feel more manageable and family life more fun. We’re excited you’re here to learn more!

Our Collective approach combines parent knowledge, kids skills and a professionals guidance.


Practical Strategies

Our strategies fit with real life. Meaning, we guide parents towards making changes that are realistic to implement and fit easily into a family’s busy schedule.

Access From Anywhere

All you need is an internet connection and a screen. No driving, waiting, or appointments necessary. Our classes can be accessed from any timezone or location.

Professional Perspective

Our team of health professionals are all Graduate educated with experience and expertise in child development. You can rest easy knowing you are in the hands of professionals who get it.

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