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As occupational therapists and moms, we get it. Parenting is a tough job. It can feel messy and downright overwhelming at times. When you add in the complexities of raising a child with anxiety, ADHD, learning difficulties, or even picky eating habits, the weight of day-to-day life can feel like too much to bear. Our goal with Collective Therapy is to find a natural fit into your family’s busy life and provide the support and strategies to help make parenting feel more manageable and family life more fun. We’re excited you’re here to learn more!


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Collective Classes

Our passion and specialty is working with families and children as they navigate the complexities of growth and development. We connect one-to-one with parents online, giving them flexibility with when and where they meet with us. Our online classes give parents an opportunity to connect with an occupational therapist while also creating a community for parent-to-parent support. If we’ve got your attention and you want to learn more, click below.


Practical Strategies

Our strategies are built to support parents in fostering their child’s development and success in daily living.

Access From Anywhere

All you need is an internet connection and a screen. We use a secure and confidential video calling program, ensuring that our clients privacy is completely protected.

Professional Perspective

As paediatric occupational therapists we specialize in child development and how to best support your child’s learning and growth.

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Connect with our team of therapists on a monthly basis.
You’ll receive regular parenting pep talks and be the first to know about exclusive updates on classes and events.


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We’d love to hear fom you and learn more about your family. Lets connect and discuss how Collective Therapy can work for you.

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